EPRC’s Program Planning Training Series

The EPRC provides communities with trainings on the development, implementation, and evaluation of health promotion programs.  Four major topics are covered including: Grant Writing, Community Assessment, Program Planning, and Program Evaluation. For each of these 1-day trainings, the focus is on practical instruction and application.  The goal is to equip public health practitioners with the knowledge and skills to carry out an effective health promotion program. Training participants include community members, members of faith-based organizations, professionals from public health agencies, schools, and hospitals.

Grant Writing: Why Grant Proposals Fail

This interactive one-day workshop provides tips for community organizations who want to increase their success in obtaining grant funding.  It covers the common pitfalls of unsuccessful grant proposals and provides simple solutions to many of the common grant writing mistakes.

Grant Writing: What to Say and How to Say it

This interactive one-day workshop is the next level of instruction for professionals who are familiar with the grant writing process and are seeking to improve their ability to identify sources of funding, collect local data and craft a story in a way that appeals to grant reviewers.

Is Your Grant a Winner?

This webinar discusses the common pitfalls of the grant proposal review and submission process, describes the different types of grant review processes, and helps you determine what grant reviewers look for in a grant proposal.

Get Ready, Get Set, PREPARE: Planning for Successful Grant Proposals

The Planning for Successful Grant Proposals webinar teaches members of community-based organizations how to prepare for writing successful grant proposals.

Community Assessment: Setting the Stage for Successful Programs

This interactive one-day workshop teaches members of community-based organizations how to conduct a community assessment. 

Program Planning: Ingredients for Success

This interactive workshop teaches members of community-based organizations how to plan for successful programs.  The training provides professionals with the skills, tools, and resources to improve their ability to plan for health promotion programs designed to increase healthy behaviors.