Program Planning: Ingredients for Success

Intended Audience: Public Health Advocates. The audience for this training includes members of community-based organizations who want to learn more about the program planning process for a health intervention in a population with health disparities.

This interactive workshop teaches members of community-based organizations how to plan for successful programs.  The training provides professionals with the skills, tools, and resources to improve their ability to plan for health promotion programs designed to increase healthy behaviors.  The topics of the training include: identifying planning steps, describing a program planning model, identifying program goals and objectives based on community assessment, writing program objectives that link to program evaluation, describing health behavior theories that relate to behavior, organizational, and policy change, identifying evidence-based programs or strategies, developing program indicators and planning for evaluation, and planning for program implementation. Most topics are covered by an activity that allows participants to practice the skills they learned through practical application of the steps of a program planning to their community and health interest.

Duration: 5-6 hours
Program Planning Presentation
Program Planning Handouts
Program Planning Resources