Grant Writing: Why Grant Proposals Fail

Intended Audience:  Public Health Advocates. The audience for this training includes members of community-based organizations who want to learn more about the grant writing process and who plan to obtain funding for a health intervention in a population with health disparities.

This interactive one-day workshop provides tips for community organizations who want to increase their success in obtaining grant funding.  It covers the common pitfalls of unsuccessful grant proposals and provides simple solutions to many of the common grant writing mistakes. Through the workshop, participants will learn how to: improve the odds of funding before submitting a grant proposal, identify funders who are likely to fund them, determine what grant reviewers look for in a grant proposal, differentiate between research and program grants, identify the common pitfalls of unsuccessful grant proposals, and identify strategies to overcome common grant writing mistakes. The workshop uses examples of grant proposal requests and applications.  The strategies and skills presented in this workshop can be applied in any organization that aims to increase their current grant funding.

Duration: 5-6 hours
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