The EPRC has a broad portfolio of research projects. Our two signature interventions focus on home environments. With funding from CDC we completed a large intervention study to test whether health coaches can help families create home environments that support healthy eating and physical activity to prevent weight gain. The Healthy Homes/Healthy Families intervention was also adapted for dissemination within the 2-1-1 system. That led to our CDC funded Core Research Project (2019-2024) to rigorously assess the impact of the adapted telephone-based intervention on weight-related dietary behaviors among 2-1-1 callers in SW GA, metro-Atlanta, and the Macon and Columbus areas.

As part of the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) State and Community Tobacco Control Research program, the EPRC developed and tested an intervention that focuses on establishing smoke-free homes that is easy to deliver and effective in protecting children and non-smokers from secondhand smoke exposure. We are now funded to work with Federally Qualified Health Centers in SW GA to rigorously test the efficacy and potential scalability of integrating the Smoke-Free Homes intervention into the 5A approach for tobacco cessation.

These are just two of the EPRC's projects. Click on the links on the left to learn more.