Community Assessment: Setting the Stage for Successful Programs

Intended Audience: Public Health Advocates. The audience for this training includes members of community-based organizations who want to learn more about the community assessment process and who plan to implement a health intervention in a population with health disparities.

This interactive one-day workshop teaches members of community-based organizations how to conduct a community assessment.  The topics include: identifying assets and needs in a community, implementing the three-phase model of a community assessment, using PRECEDE-PROCEED as a community assessment tool, identifying and selecting data collection methods, using data to inform your health promotion program, and writing a community assessment report.  Research methods are included in this training for those community-based organization members who are interested in preparing research proposals for health promotion interventions. Case studies and group activities are integrated throughout the workshop to make this training practical and applicable to community-based organizations interested in developing an evidence-based health intervention.

Duration: 5-6 hours
Community Assessment Presentation
Community Assessment Handouts
Community Assessment Resources