Grant Writing: What to Say and How to Say it

Intended Audience: Public Health Advocates. The audience for this training includes members of community-based organizations, healthcare settings, or faith-based organizations who want to increase their ability to obtain funding from foundations and governmental agencies. The intended audience is familiar with the grant writing process but may or may not have successfully obtained funding in the past.

This interactive one-day workshop provides necessary knowledge and skills for community organizations who want to increase their success in obtaining grant funding.  It covers the common pitfalls of unsuccessful grant proposals and provides guided practice of searching funders, writing components of grant proposals, and planning for evaluation. Throughout the workshop, participants will learn how to: demonstrate practical strategies to collect local data, identify funding opportunities that match their organization’s goals, learn how to create goals and objectives, learn how to craft a story, explain evaluation planning, and learn how to craft a compelling conclusion. The workshop uses examples of grant proposal requests and applications.  The strategies and skills presented in this workshop can be applied in any organization that aims to increase their current grant funding.

Duration: 5-6 hours
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