Project ACTS – About Choices in Transplantation and Sharing

Project ACTS was developed to address many barriers to organ and tissue donation among African Americans such as lack of knowledge and awareness, concerns about inequalities in the organ allocation system and religious beliefs.

HERCULES Community Outreach and Education Program

The EPRC is leading the community engagement core for Emory's newly funded environmental health sciences research center.

Intervention Development, Dissemination, and Implementation Shared Resource

The Intervention Development, Dissemination, and Implementation (IDDI) developmental shared resource gives Winship Cancer Center members access to expertise in behavioral science research methods.

Project DECOY

A collaboration among several college campuses in Georgia that examines tobacco use among young adults.

Project MOCSIE

Matching of Consumers to Social Media Interactions on E-cigarettes.  Project MOCSIE examines contextual factors (tobacco control activity, e-cigarette advertising, and Twitter activity) in relation to e-cigarette purchases, using Nielsen Consumer Panel data.