Sample Videos from ActivEpi Web

On this page, we present examples of 4 narrated video presentations from the first lesson page of Lesson 5 on Measures of Effect. Click on the screen of any one of these videos to watch what is presented in the video. You can view it full screen or smaller screen.

Here we introduce the term introduce the term measure of effect by illustrating its use in classic studies on the relationship between smoking and lung cancer.

Here, we give an example of cohort study data that allows us to compute and interpret a risk ratio, a numerical measure used to compare the risks for two groups.

Here we describe a case-control study used to investigate a foodborne outbreak at a Caribbean resort. We cannot use the risk ratio as a measure of effect, and must use the odds ratio (OR) instead.

Here, we use our foodborne outbreak example to show that the odds ratio is the ratio of two odds. Thus, to understand the odds ratio, we must start with the concept of an odds.


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    Dr Kleinbaum (CDC/EIS) comedy skit