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    Image of Pocket Guide to Epidemiology Text



    Below are links to epidemiologic and statistics resources:

    OpenEpi - OpenEpi is a freely downloadable web-based electronic calculator that provides statistics for counts and person-time rates in descriptive and analytic studies, stratified analysis with exact confidence limits, matched pair analysis, sample size calculations, random numbers, chi-square for dose-response trend, sensitivity, specificity and other evaluation statistics, R x C tables, and links to other useful sites.

    EpiInfo™ - Epi Info is a freely downloadable software package developed by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. With Epi Info™ and a personal computer, epidemiologists and other public health and medical professionals can rapidly develop a questionnaire or form, customize the data entry process, and enter and analyze data. Epidemiologic statistics, tables, graphs, and maps are produced with simple commands such as READ, FREQ, LIST, TABLES, GRAPH, and MAP. Epi Map displays geographic maps with data from Epi Info™.

    ActivStats - ActivStats is an innovative multimedia education product that teaches introductory college-level statistics and the use of our Data Desk data exploration package. ActivStats was designed and authored by Paul Velleman, and reflects modern research into how people learn and specifically how people learn statistics.

    Other textbooks by David Kleinbaum

    Kleinbaum, Kupper and Morgenstern, Epidemiologic Research: Principles and Quantitative Methods, John Wiley and Sons, Inc, 1982

    Kleinbaum, Kupper, Nizam and Rosenberg, Applied Regression Analysis and Other Multivariable Methods, Fifth Edition, Cengage Learning, 2014

    Kleinbaum and Klein, Logistic Regression-A Self-Learning Text, Third Edition, Springer Publishers, 2010

    Kleinbaum and Klein, Survival Analysis-A Self-Learning Text, Third Edition , Springer Publishers, 2011

    Kleinbaum, Sullivan, and Barker, A Pocket Guide to Epidemiology, Springer Publishers, 2007

    Kleinbaum, Calles, and Sullivan.  ActivEpi Español: Libro de texto de acompañamiento para uso suplementario con el CD-ROM de ActivEpi Español.  Pan American Health Organization and Emory Univerity (2013).



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