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    Image of Pocket Guide to Epidemiology Text



    If you are a registered user of ActivEpi CD-ROM you are entitled to free technical support. You may want to read the publisher's information before contacting us, as your answers may be found there.

    To receive ActivEpi CD-ROM technical support you may send your request to support@datadesk.com or fill in the online form.

    If you are a course instructor of a course using ActivEpi (CD-ROM or Companion Text) or you are an individual user of ActivEpi not involved in a course, you may email the author (dkleinb@emory.edu) to obtain a copy of the answer files to the HW exercises. You are not eligible to get these files, however, if you are a student in a course that is using ActivEpi as the text .

    The authors of the CD-ROM and the Companion text can also be contacted if you have any questions about the content of ActivEpi or if you have found errata. Contact information is as follows:

    • David G. Kleinbaum

    Email: dkleinb@emory.edu

    Phone: 404-922-1641 (mobile)



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