Additional Materials For The Instructor

Several additional instructional support materials are available, many of which are provided at no cost to an instructor of a course on epidemiology (even without purchase of the ActivEpi Companion Textbook). These materials offer the instructor a diversified collection of teaching materials that can be used as appropriate to make learning more effective for the students and make teaching preparation easier for the instructor. These instructional support materials include the following:

  • Powerpoint Lecture Materials (freely downloadable from this website) of activities from every Lesson (i.e., chapter) in ActivEpi Web.
  • Answers to Homework Exercises- The HW Exercises contained in ActivEpi Web and the Companion Text provide the instructor with HW questions and ples questions on which they can grade their students. Answers to these exercises are not in either the ActivEpi Web or the Companion Text, but can be obtained at no cost by the instructor by contacting the author at
  • OpenEpi Examples - OpenEpi is a web-based calculator for epidemiologic data analyses. This calculator allows you to enter data into 2x2 tables and other analysis formats in order to perform calculations of interest, e.g., computing odds ratios,confidence intervals for odds ratios, and obtaining tests of hypotheses about odds ratios. Exercise examples are provided on this website.
  • OpenEpi Software provides a free open-source program developed at CDC to perform any OpenEpi analysis.
  • Link to Epi Info - Epi Info is a freely downloadable software package developed by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention for data analysis. Clicking on this link connects you to CDC's website guidelines for EPI INFO.
  • Data Sets - Data Sets for examples and HW exercises used in ActivEpi Web have been put into freely downloadable data files in SAS, SPSS and STATA format, for use by students and instructors

For Instructors
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  • OpenEpi Software
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