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    Image of Pocket Guide to Epidemiology Text



      Companion course with ActivStats - epidemiology and statistics are linked

    •   Pedagogically sound - author (Kleinbaum) is internationally recognized for teaching and textbooks; collaborators (Data Description, Inc.) developed award winning authoring MediaDX technology

    •   Engaging - multimedia format replaces static materials such as book chapters, recorded lectures, and other printed material

    •   Active learning - full range of learning activities for better understanding and retention; bridges the gap between learner and instructor in distance learning programs

    •   Self-paced - for effective and convenient learning for busy professionals

    •   Unlimited replays of an activity - for better retention and to reduce fear of embarrassment (re: classroom questions)

    •   Customizable - to meet specific needs of different audiences


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    Dr Kleinbaum (CDC/EIS) comedy skit