ActivEpi Web, is an electronic textbook for teaching epidemiology, available free on-line. This unique instructional tool can be accessed using the link:

ActivEpi Web features:

• 15 lessons (chapters), each with several activities.

Topics covered in most introductory epidemiology texts:

  • study designs, measures of frequency and effect, potential impact,validity (selection, information, and confounding biases),interaction/effect modification, analysis of 2x2 tables, control of variables, stratified analysis, matching, introduction to logistic regression.

A full range of learning activities:

  • Narrated instructional expositions that use video and/or animation
  • Interactive study questions within expositions
  • Interactive short quizzes
  • Exercises using computer software to analyze data
  • Homework exercises with solutions available to instructors only

Materials for the Instructor:

  • PowerPoint presentation lecture materials
  • Homework exercises and exam questions
  • Answer files to homework exercises and exam questions available only to instructors

Dr Kleinbaum (CDC/EIS) comedy skit