Cancer Prevention & Control Research Network

The Emory Cancer Prevention & Control Research Network (CPCRN) focused on community-based cancer prevention and reducing health disparities. The CPCRN is a supplemental grant to the core Emory Prevention Research Center (EPRC). Emory was one of 10 universities funded by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the National Cancer Institute in the last funding cycle. The CPCRN is a national network of academic, public health, and community partners who work together to reduce the burden of cancer, especially among those disproportionately affected.

Key Emory CPCRN Projects at the local level included training on Prevention Programs that Work, mini-grants to promote evidence based approaches to cancer prevention, and a practice to evidence initiative.
The Emory CPCRN actively participates in several national workgroups including:

  • Use of evidenced-based interventions in CDC’s Colorectal Cancer Control Program (CRCCP)
  • Capacity Building (Technical Assistance and Training) on use of evidence-based approaches for cancer prevention and control.  Of particular note is our training on use of evidence-based approaches.
  • Community Health Centers – Use of evidence in cancer prevention and control.

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