Our Mission

Working with communities to prevent cancer and other chronic diseases

The mission of the EPRC is to prevent cancer and other chronic diseases and to reduce health disparities in rural Georgia and beyond.  With help from our community partners, we conduct and disseminate research that guides best practices in chronic disease prevention.  The main behavioral focus of the EPRC is on primary prevention of disease related to tobacco use, physical activity, healthy eating, and obesity, as well as secondary prevention of cancer through screening. We concentrate much of our work in rural Georgia, but also have projects and activities that span the state, the region, the nation, and the world.  Our vision is one of communities and researchers working together in a meaningful way to significantly reduce the burden of chronic disease.

Our goals and activities include:

  • Promote prevention research that informs best practices in chronic disease prevention
  • Conduct research on cancer prevention and related behaviors
  • Provide training and education to community-based organizations and community members to improve health promotion practice
  • Share our results and communicate new findings to influence practice and reduce health disparities
  • Monitor and evaluate our efforts to ensure continued relevance and self-reflection
  • Provide an infrastructure for chronic disease prevention research at Emory
  • Promote community engaged research at Emory and in Georgia as a whole

The EPRC was founded in 2004 with Dr. Karen Glanz as the Founding Director and Dr. Michelle Kegler as the Deputy Director.