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    Powerpoint Presentations

    The zipped files attached below contain PowerPoint developed from the activities in each of the 15 Lessons (i.e., Chapters) contained in ActivEpi Web and the Companion Textbook. These files can be downloaded without cost.

    These PowerPoint presentations were primarily developed by David Kleinbaum, but also include presentations developed by colleagues Nancy Barker and Frank Bove, who have co-taught courses with David Kleinbaum using ActivEpi Web.

    The presentations provide an clinical instructor with a convenient way to obtain or develop classroom presentations for teaching medical students a population-based (e.g., epidemiologic) perspective of clinical medicine. The presentations can be used as is or with modifications /additions as desired by the instructor. This collection also provides a resource library of lecture materials for any kind of presentation (at a conference, seminar, lecture) in which epidemiologic or related public health/medical research is an important component.

    These lecture materials are set up to be downloaded either all at once or one Lesson at a time. Right-click on any or all file(s) of interest among those shown below and save in your computer.

    Lesson 1-15

    lesson 1&2


    lesson 3

    Study design

    lesson 4

    Disease Frequency

    lesson 5

    Measure of Effect

    lesson 6

    Potential Impact

    lesson 7


    lesson 8

    Selection Bias

    lesson 9

    Information Bias

    lesson 10


    lesson 11

    Confounding >2var

    lesson 12

    2*2 Analysis

    lesson 13

    Control Options

    lesson 14

    Stratified Analysis

    lesson 15




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