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IATS Clinical Trial


The IATS Team!

A large team of people is working together in this study to find out what is the best treatment for an infant born with a cataract in one eye. The two treatments that are being compared are an intraocular lens implant following cataract removal and the wearing of a contact lens following cataract removal.  

Members of this IATS team:

1.  You, and other families like yours, are important team members.

2.  The study site doctor(s) and coordinator compose the team that works at the center nearest you. They conduct all activities related to the actual hands on care of your child. Both of them will see you and your child at regularly spaced study visits.

  • The study site doctor will perform the surgery and follow your child's progress to help make sure that your child's eye remains healthy. The doctor will refer you to other health professionals who will fit your child with glasses and / or a contact lens.
  • The study site coordinator is your contact person who will answer your immediate questions and concerns about your child's eye and vision. The coordinator also works with you to set up / reschedule study visits, participates in those visits, answers questions related to the study, and keeps you supplied with the visual aids furnished by the study.

3.  The Visual Acuity Center is located in Birmingham Alabama . Experts from this center will measure your child's vision around his/her first birthday. This team will come to your clinic and measure your child's vision in the study doctor's office.

4. The Executive Committee , which is located in Atlanta Georgia , consists of the Study Chair (Dr. Scott Lambert), the Chair of the Data Coordinating Center (Michael Lynn), an Epidemiologist (Carolyn Drews-Botsch), a Psychologist (Marianne Celano), and the National Clinical Coordinator (Lindreth DuBois). The Executive Committee is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the study.

5. The Data Coordinating Center team analyzes the information collected during the study. Another responsibility is to follow the visual care your child receives at home. Discussing this home eye care with you over the telephone is one of the ways in which information is gathered. They are also involved with the Eye Care Diary.

We are all working together for your child's health and for answers which will help children throughout the world in the future.






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