The annual target date for receipt of nominations is September 15

The Paul Minton Service Award was established by the Southern Regional Council on Statistics to recognize outstanding service to the statistics profession. The award was established to honor Paul Minton, who served the statistics profession nationally and in the southern region for many years and was instrumental in the continued development of statistical education in the region represented by the Southern Regional Council on Statistics. The awards, to be given annually, consist of a "substantial gift" with an engraved plaque.
Individuals nominated for this award must reside or have resided for at least ten years in one of the states represented on the Southern Regional Council on Statistics. The selection criteria include:

Additional criteria may be considered at the discretion of the Awards Committee.
The award is intended to be an annual award but no award need be given if there are no suitable nominees in the judgment of the Awards Committee.
Nominations will be solicited annually and will consist of a one-page nomination statement (to include a draft citation) and the nominee's bio/resume.  Letters of support may be attached. Nominating materials should be submitted in writing to the SRCOS President and may be transmitted by email. The target date for receipt of nominations is each year on September 15.

Previous winners include:

2016 - Sastry Pantula – North Carolina State University/Oregon State
2015 - Don Edwards - University of South Carolina
2014 - Katherine Ensor - Rice University
2013 - D'Arcy Mays - Virginia Commonwealth University
Dan Solomon - North Carolina State University
2012 - John Wierman – Johns Hopkins University
2011 - Herman Senter – Clemson University
2010 - Tom Gerig - North Carolina State University
2009 - Bill Schucany – Southern Methodist University
2008 - Jack Tubbs – University of Arkansas/Baylor University
2007 - Bill Wilson – North Florida University
2006 - Dick Kryscio – University of Kentucky
2005 - Tom Bratcher – Baylor University
2004 - Ron Randles – University of Florida
2003 - Joe Padgett – University of South Carolina
2002 - Mike Kutner – Emory University
2001 - Robert Taylor – University of Georgia/Clemson University
Larry J. Ringer – Texas A&M University
2000 - Jean Gibbons – University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
1999 - Jim Davenport – Virginia Commonwealth University
1997 - Richard Schaeffer – University of Florida
1994 - Ralph Bradley – Florida State University/University of Georgia  
1993 - R. L. Anderson – University of Kentucky
1992 - Paul Minton (Founder's Award) – Southern Methodist University/
Virginia Commonwealth University

For further information, please contact the SRCOS President.