SRCOS Summer Research Conference
General Butler State Resort Park
Carollton, KY June 2-5, 2019


American Statistical Association
Mike Kutner
National Institute of Statistical Sciences
National Science Foundation

Regional Activities in Statistics

The various functions of SRCOS change over time, depending upon the needs and concerns of the statistics community. At present, the Council is involved in discussions of problems concerning teaching, consulting, research, ethics, courts of law, curricula, and student recruitment.

Every institution that has statistics in its curriculum faces its own distinct set of problems. In some institutions, all statistics courses are taught by a statistics department; in others, statistics is taught by faculty within several departments. Thus, the Council makes available surveys on statistics organizational structure and statistics curricula as well as position papers on important issues.

Development of teaching materials is also of concern to the Council. SRCOS addresses problems in the various statistical applications. For example, medical schools have different problems in statistics than do business schools. A major consideration is with the unique problems faced in consulting. In response to the widespread development of statistics programs throughout the South, the Council now publicizes summer graduate offerings, a Summer Research Conference, and advisory services to member institutions.