Faculty Projects


Contraceptive Use Among HIV+ African American Female Adolescents
(SIP 12-064); Rana Chakraborty, PI
This study characterized reproductive health practices and their effects (both biological and behavioral) in African-American HIV-infected adolescent/young adult women in Atlanta, Georgia.  The study aims were to (a) implement a quantitative survey regarding contraceptive practices and sexual behaviors; (b) collect prospective biological specimens; and (c) conduct qualitative focus groups to assess knowledge of the association between contraceptive methods, behavioral factors, and biological outcomes.

Multiple Perspectives on Dual Protection Use by Young Women
(SIP 09-20); Ralph DiClemente, PI  http://www.sph.emory.edu/faculty/profile/#RDICLEM
This project was aimed at understanding the perspectives, approaches, influencers, barriers and opportunities for enhancing dual protection among young African American women to prevent unintended pregnancy (UIPs) and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The study sought to answer questions regarding the role of family planning clinics in increasing effective dual protection against UIPs, and which dual protection strategies would have the greatest acceptability and feasibility among clients to improve dual protection use, and in turn reduce UIPs and STDs.

Atlantic Station Study of Employee Quality of Life (SEQOL)
(SIP 11-2007); Karen Glanz, PI http://www.sph.emory.edu/faculty/profile/#KGLANZ
This longitudinal study was designed to evaluate the physical activity, nutrition, and transport behaviors of employees who relocated their site of employment into Atlantic Station, a mixed-use redevelopment in Atlanta, Georgia. This transdisciplinary study was conducted in collaboration between researchers at Emory University, School of Public Health and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Reliability Study of the “Actions to Control High Blood Pressure”
Module in the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

(SIP 6-2006); Edmund Becker, PI http://www.sph.emory.edu/faculty/profile/#EBECK01
 This study determined the validity and reliability of the survey items included in the 2005 BRFSS "Actions to Control Blood Pressure" optional module, which consisted of ten items that assessed patient self-management practices or receipt of physician advice.