The Center for Biomedical Imaging Statistics (CBIS) conducts research on statistical methods for analyzing data from biomedical imaging studies. CBIS research includes brain, heart, breast, and prostate imaging, among others. CBIS currently develops statistical methods for data acquired from various imaging modalities including functional and structural magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography, single photon emission computed tomography, and digital mammograhphy.

CBIS is a part of the Rollins School of Public Health (RSPH) at Emory University in Atlanta, GA, and we actively collaborate with other imaging scientists around the university. We are physically located in the Department of Biostatistics in RSPH. 

Contact Us

CBIS is located in the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University. We are on the 3rd floor of the Grace Crum Rollins Building at Emory.

For more information, please contact

Department of Biostatistics
Rollins School of Public Health
Grace Crum Rollins Building
1518 Clifton Road, N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30322
(404) 712-8646


Regular Meeting Time: Fridays from 11-1pm in room 311, Grace Crum Rollins Building.