Review by Paul Nagy,, Jan 2003

This is a very pleasant way to study and learn the basics of epidemiological
research and the fundamental concepts of statistical analysis. Kleinbaum has
produced the first multimedia text teaching epidemiology. It is full of
state-of-the-art pedological proceedures seamlessly integrated into a
multimedia format that covers the material commonly found in an introductory
epidemiology course. ActivEpi includes over 6,000 pages of reference material keyed to 15 lessons and over
50 hours of audiovideo clips. The videos vividly illustrate the practical
applications of epidemiological research. More outstanding are the carefully
narrated and illustrated visual clips that coordinates visual and audiotary
learning styles. Each section has quizzes and reviews of the material to
reinforce learning key concepts. The statistical problems are interactive
and carefully selected so that immediate learning of skills and procedures
is encouraged (and immediate repetition of some section if not understood).
Also a data desk is provided for practice applying methods learned to real
data. The navigational tools include fully interactive resources such as
dynamic table of contents, index and glossary that allows plenty of ways to
approach review of key concepts. The author also has a website
<>  that provides updated
files and examples. ActivEpi  is likely to become the perferred approach to introducing epidemiology and
definitely a suplementary text

Paul Nagy
Managing Editor
PMB 210
207 South Elliott Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
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