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    Lesson Book

    The Home Base and Navigational Tool for ActivEpi

    The Lesson Book provides short introductions to "activities" (also called "expositions"), icons for launching activities, and access to other navigation tools, such as the index, glossary and table of contents.

    The Lesson Book contains 15 Lessons (i.e., Chapters), with each Lesson containing a number (usually from 3 to 5) of Lesson Pages. Each Lesson Page introduces the activities/expositions on that page, sets a goal for each activity, and summarizes the activity when it is completed. Teaching takes place in the activities themselves, not by reading the Lesson Book. Activities do not begin until you click on their icons.

    Here is a portion of a Lesson Page from Lesson 3 on Epi Study Designs:


    ActivEpi CD
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  • Pages in the Lesson Book often have asterisks. Clicking on an asterisk opens a window with optional additional material. Often this material is an additional example or background material. Here is an example of asterisk from Lesson 6 on Measures of Potential Impact:

    Each Lesson in ActivEpi offers a footnote (using the symbol §) at the end of the introductory paragraph on its first Lesson Page that provides references to the material covered in that Lesson.

    Each lesson also has its own unique web page, which can be accessed by clicking on the web symbol .

    Each web page supplies weblinks to three types of sites: Data, Real World and Reference.