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Revised Criteria for Clones and Nomenclature

Criteria for inclusion of global clones in the Network are as follows:
a)   Clone should have wide geographic distribution (isolated on at least 2 continents; not just within a single city or country).
b)   Clone can be resistant to one or more antibiotics that are in wide clinical use; or a global susceptible clone known to be important in disease
c)   Data on the clone needs to be published or in press before ratification by the network.
d)   New clones for consideration into the network need to be proposed at annual PMEN meeting.
e)   Clone must be made available to the network for typing analyses and confirmation before acceptance into the network.
f)   Clone must be made available for deposit into the ATCC collection of clones.
g)   Clones will be also available through the Streptococcus Reference Laboratory in Germany and Emory University in USA

The nomenclature for the naming of clones is as follows:

country first identified serotype – sequential numbering in network – subsequent described serotype

ex. Spain23F-1

  • Spain = country in which the clone was first identified (based on publication)
  • 23F = serotype of the clone first identified
  • 1 = clone number 1
Several publications have shown that members of a single clone may express different capsular polysaccharides. In the case of capsular switch the nomenclature is as follows:
ex. Spain23F-1-19F
  • 19F = serotype 19F variant of Spain23F-1 clone