Emory PERRC Advisory Board

We have established an advisory board consisting of representatives from public and private sectors, including public health, public safety, the university, and the community, and various disciplines, including ethics and law. The Advisory Board will be actively engaged in all phases of the Emory PERRC. Each advisory board member has been selected because he/she brings unique expertise that complements the knowledge and skills of the research principle investigators and co-investigators. Their advice will be essential to achieving the overarching goal of this research program. The Emory PERRC advisory board members share a strong interest and dedication to improving preparedness efforts. Engaged at both the conceptual and practical levels, they will add considerably to our efforts through their: 1) complementary areas of expertise; 2) understanding of public heath preparedness; and 3) personal experiences and investment in disaster response and recovery.

Roles and Responsibilities

Advisory board members will provide guidance to support the overall program, including input into the selection and oversight of the innovative pilot projects awards, the new investigator fellowship program, and the five interrelated research projects. Other responsibilities include to

  • Serve two to five year terms,
  • Attend 2 advisory board meetings per year,
  • Consult on the research projects based on his/her interest and expertise on an as needed basis,
  • Assist in the selection of pilot projects for funding,
  • Serve as a conduit of information for the constituency each member represents,
  • Assist with the development of strategies and methods to evaluate and translate results from research efforts into public health practice, and
  • Assist in dissemination of our research findings and recommendations.

The advisory board members’ primary contact will be through the administrative Core. Project PIs from each research project and pilot project will update the advisory board about the status of their current work, barriers encountered, and solutions implemented at least once each year. Considerable time will be allotted for discussion and input from the advisory board. The advisory board will convene twice a year at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Emory PERRC Advisory Board Members