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ABOUT Diabetes Today

Diabetes Today: Planning for Coalition Action, is designed to help you build a strong coalition and an effective action plan. These online tutorials are intended to help you prepare for the Diabetes Today: Planning for Coalition Action 2 day workshop. These tutorials offer an overview of the basic knowledge and skills you are expected to possess before beginning the workshop. Experiential learning and practice will happen in the workshop.

This online pre-workshop content is organized into 6 tutorials. Each tutorial takes about 15 minutes to complete and concludes with a Quick Check quiz to review key messages. These 6 tutorials correspond to the 4 content areas, or modules, that will be covered in the 2-day workshop.


DTTAC is dedicated to assisting local, state and national partners in developing and growing highly effective diabetes prevention and control programs.  Contact us for more information on customized trainings, workshops, and other services.

To find out more about the Diabetes Training and Technical Assistance Center, please visit our website